The Team

Tri-Star Properties is located in the heart of Northwestern Washington County. Our professional team at Tri-Star Properties have nearly 100 years combined real estate experience. Most of us grew up in the area so you can be sure we know the area well. We take our work seriously here, we don’t just sell houses, we’re “helping you find your way home” At Tri Star Properties , we have a better way. It’s called experience and team work. You don’t just hire an agent, you hire a company. Please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll get to work for you.

Tri-Star Properties
License# 971200092

Stewart King
Owner, Principal Broker 503-647-9340
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License# 890100130
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Bob Baker
Broker 503-708-3834
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License# 870100043
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Rob Bass
Broker 503-969-3831
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License# 871200067
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Diane Garrigus
Broker 503-935-7553
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License# 930500276
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Sheri Johnson
Broker 503-577-2665
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License# 870200200
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Arielle Scesa
Broker 503-780-0830
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License# 200510434
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Jim Clymore
Broker 503-799-9985